Skyway Yacht Works Dash to the Dock


May 12, 2018

Have a little extra fun on your trip to the harbor this year by joining us for the Skyway Yacht Works Dash to the Dock Pursuit Race.


Starting just outside the breakwall near the mouth of the Calumet River, we will send off sections of boats in a pursuit style race to a finish line set just off the Shedd Aquarium.


Skyway Yacht Works customers and non-customers alike are welcome to join in the fun. This event is open to all sailing vessels. Motor vessels are encouraged to join in the fun with a "blackjack run" (a pared down poker run), accompany the fleet, snap photos, peel off for informal drag-races with each other, and join us at the party!

In the interest of a smooth event, Skyway Customers who wish to compete will be asked to have a battery service and engine start service completed by our staff before the event. We don't want any surprise malfunctions getting in the way of a great day on the water.


Skyway Yacht Works will be hosting a party, complete with food and beverages, at the Columbia Yacht Club Dock in Monroe Harbor. Dock space will be available during the party for guests who would rather complete the trip to their slips on full stomachs. Yacht Clubs in other harbors have expressed interest in hosting their own parties, so please check with your closest yacht club for details.